The Short version

the year was 2015. Some dummy started drilling holes in garbage and putting it on his bikes. He kept drilling holes in more garbage and started getting other people to put it on their bikes. He started drilling holes in toys that he paid for. He started manufcaturing his own toys to drill holes in. in 2018, he could no longer hide his true garbage drilling self and started Crud Caps.

He really likes seeing people enjoying themselves on a bike. He firmly believes that crud Caps make riding a bike more enjoyable. What a dummy.

The longer Version

I started Crud Caps unofficially in 2015 underneath my bed in chicago, il. The valve cap that planted the seed was one on a 20" wheel i dumpstered in 2012(?) that had yellow paint on it from someone rattlecanning the wheel. Shortly after, I found a real cool cap that had two crossed racing flags coming out of the top of it. I always  moved those caps onto my favorite bikes. I think I still have them both. I'll have to go check...

Later, i saw caps that friends had made by gluing valve caps to shotgun shells and bullet casings. I'd always strapped toys and junk to my bikes and it seemed like a natural progression y'know?  after I'd kicked the idea around for some time, i finally asked my dad to get me a tap from his work. 

I took all the toys i had dumpstered over the years and started drilling holes in them. initially, they were just blown out threads. The tap was only symbolic of me trying to do it better. I'd sell and trade them with friends at bike events and get excited about making more junk. Eventually i got the hang of it and started making nice(ish) threads.


I started seeking out toys at thrift stores while trying to think of a good name for my itty bitty baby business. eventually, crud caps popped into my head. in the summer of 2018 i pushed the S.S. Crud Caps into the big scary waters of the internet. 

I destroyed lots of toys. I sold lots of toys. I tried new things. They worked. it was fun. it is fun.  

Thanks for being here with me.