More Questions you might ask and the answers I have

Do you make caps for presta valves?


Nope, they are all threaded for schrader. BUT I sell valve adapters for $1. That way you always have an adapter too. Handy! The Presta threads are just too small and they strip out way too easily for me to make a reliable product. 

Do you do custom orders?


I take special requests really seriously! I always try my best to find the toys people are looking for. You may have to pay more, and you may have to wait, and you may have to be dissapointed when I cant find the toy you want... but I'll try! 

I can also do custom paint options like the black metal series. If you've got an idea, I'll try and make it work.

How long does it take to make a cap?

It depends. A full toy to finished crud cap usually takes around 15 minutes.  But theres a lot of time that goes into finding the toys to begin with. Resin caps, on the other hand, usually take a couple days. I have to wiat for the resin to fully cure but if we were to shrink it down to working time, we're talking about that same 15 minute zone. I dont know. Maybe i'll time myself someday. 

I hate paying for shipping, do you sell caps anywhere other than the internet?

I do! If you don't see them at your local shop, tell them to get a hold of me. I'll try and get some caps out there if theyre interested (shoot me an email at I work with a handful of shops around the world. Here's a quick list!

Comrade Cycles, Chicago IL

BFF Bikes, Chicago IL

Bike Lane, Chicago IL

2bici, Willow Springs IL

Golden Pliers, Portland OR

Sugar Wheel WOrks, Portland OR

Blue Lug Bike Shop, Tokyo Japan

Circles Bike SHop, Tokyo Japan

Kook Exchange, KOOK Exchange is everywhere