There are three basic kinds of caps available. 

Classic Crud Cap

These are your standard, recycled something, Crud Caps. It's something that i found on the ground or in a dumpster. Maybe i got it at the thrift store. Maybe i got it at one of the cool toy stores around chicago. Maybe a kind and thoughtful friend gave it to me to destroy.  Whatever the case, it was crud capable, and it is now a crud cap.

OOh a special Crud Cap

Some toys are just... cooler. They're also more expensive and time consuming for me to get my grubby mits on. For the most part, they're ninja turtles. I've also had some real cool x-men, some star wars stuff, and those very rare beavis and butthead toys i come across. Whatever the case, it's not something you come across everyday. It's... special.

Wow a Custom Crud Cap

it's too hard to rely on dumpsters and thrift stores to get me good caps all the time. and when i get those super cool ones, they just disappear instantly and I dont get to share them with lots of people. enter the custom crud cap. These are real cool toys that i have made molds of so i can make many caps with different variations in color. Super neato.